AfterShokz not charging (Easy Way to Fixes)

My sister had been using these headphones for many days. She never faced any problems while using them. Headphone one day, her headphone was not charging, and she was distraught. She told me to find out How to fix it.

If your AfterShokz not charging, don’t worry; I will tell you in this article some ways to charge your headphones easily.

Why is AfterShokz not charging?

  1. Damaged magnetic charging cable
  2. Dirty charging connectors
  3. Software glitches
  4. Damaged battery

To fix this problem

  1. Replace your charging cable
  2. Clean charging connectors
  3. Reset your headphones
  4. Replace headphones

Read on to understand how to perform everything, such as resetting or cleaning.

How To Fix Aftershokz Not Charging?

Try Another Magnetic Charging Cable

First, you have to replace the magnetic charging cable. Sometimes, your headphones won’t charge due to a bad charging cable, and you need new magnetic charging cables.

 If your headphone is charging with the new magnetic charging cable, it means your previous magnetic charging cable is faulty, so your headphones are not charging. The charging cable needs to be replaced.

Clean Charging Connectors

You’ve tested the new charging cable, but the issue remains. Your next step is tidying up the charging connectors on the headphones and the line. Grab some sandpaper, and a gentle earbuds brush to remove any debris.

First, lightly sand the connectors on the headphones, then use the brush to clear away any grime. Repeat the cleaning process for the charging cable. Once cleaned, connect the line again and check if the headphones start charging.

Reset AfterShokz

If your AfterShokz device isn’t charging, performing a reset is advisable. Occasionally, charging issues can arise from software glitches, making a reset an effective solution. Follow the steps below to reset your AfterShokz device.

  • To power down your headphones, press and hold the Volume + button for 3 seconds. 
  • Next, initiate pairing mode by pressing the Volume + button for 5 to 7 seconds. 
  • Your headphones will power on, and the LED indicator will flash red and blue. 
  • Subsequently, press and hold the Volume + and Volume – buttons simultaneously for 3 to 5 seconds. 
  • Kindly power off your AfterShokz; the reset process is now complete.

Behind resetting the headphones, check whether or not they start charging; if not, perform a reset three times.

How many hours should I charge my AfterShokz headphones?

To ensure a good listening experience, it’s advisable to charge your headphones for a minimum of two hours. Nonetheless, with the advent of fast-charging technology, many contemporary earbuds and headsets equipped with Type C charging ports can reach a full charge in under an hour.

How long does Aftershokz take to charge?

Upon opening your AfterShokz headphones, you’ll find they come with a 50 percent charge. Plug them in for approximately one hour to attain a full 100 percent charge. Whether you own Trekz Titanium, Bluez 2S, Sportz Titanium, or Sportz 3, all these models can be charged using a micro USB. The headphones have a micro USB cable, but any standard USB cable will suffice.

How do I know when my AfterShokz headphones are fully charged?

The LED indicator on the headphones transitions from a red hue to blue once the charging process reaches its finale. Power your headphones to monitor the battery level and use the volume+ or volume- buttons while no music is playing. Audrey will audibly inform you of the battery status, stating either “Battery High,” “Battery Medium,” “Battery Low,” or “Charge Me.”

Can you replace a battery in an AfterShokz?

AfterShokz is unable to carry out battery replacements or repairs. Nevertheless, we offer a two-year warranty for all AfterShokz products. If your battery is no longer maintaining a charge or functioning correctly, we’d be delighted to support you in initiating a warranty claim for a replacement pair.

Contact Support 

If the earlier troubleshooting tips don’t resolve the issue, contact AfterShokz and engage with their expert support. Alternatively, if your AfterShokz are covered under warranty, you can return or replace them. Typically, AfterShokz offers a 2-year warranty, so I suggest pursuing a replacement. 

  In a situation similar to my sister’s, we opted for a return and received a new pair. You can initiate a warranty claim on the official AfterShokz website. If you purchased from a local store, inquire with them about the possibility of a replacement.

How Do I Know If My AfterShokz is Charging?

You can easily find out whether your headphones are charging or not. When you plug your headphones into the charger, check that the LED indicator light of your headphones is showing red; that means your headphones are charging, and if not, your headphones are charging. If the AfterShokz is not charging, you can fix your headphones quickly by considering the suggestions given above.

Can You Overcharge AfterShokz?

No, you can’t overcharge your AfterShokz headphones because overcharging can damage the headphones’ battery. In that case, the headphones’ batteries can’t be replaced, so we tell you that one night, don’t leave your headphone batteries on charge.

Does AfterShokz Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Aftershokz headphones don’t give a lifetime warranty; the headphone warranty is two years if you buy aftershocks, and the headphone lifetime is two years. If you find any problem with the headphones, you can replace the warranty. It can be replaced by


If your AfterShokz not charging, first try changing the magnetic charging cable of your earphones; it will start charging your headphones, and if that doesn’t work, clean it. Sometimes, it happens that you are not able to set your headphones due to the damaged charging conductor.

Clean the charging connector, and your headphones will start charging, and another method is to reset your headphones. Sometimes, your headphones hang due to software glitches that prevent them from being set up. Please assign your headphones to these methods.

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